Ilograph CLI

Ilograph Desktop includes a command-line-interface (CLI) to export interactive diagrams to standalone HTML files. To use, invoke the Ilograph Desktop executable using a terminal:

./Ilograph\ Desktop ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph --output ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph.html

In the preceding example, the diagram file ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph is exported to the standalone html file ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph.html.

By default, all perspectives are exported. To export specfic perspective(s), use the --perspectives switch:

./Ilograph\ Desktop ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph --output ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph.html --perspectives Code,Region

Use --help for additional help.

Last updated on 31 May 2021
Published on 31 May 2021