Sequence Perspectives

Sequence perspectives show detailed interactions between resources. Sequence perspectives are perfect for showing actions between resources that happen in a sequential order. While relation perspectives are great for showing static relations between resources, sequence diagrams are ideal for showing what resources do.

To create a sequence perspective, simply declare a sequence in your perspective using the sequence property.

Defining the sequence

In IDL, a sequence is defined like so:

# Resource tree omitted
- name: Get Diagram
  color: LimeGreen
      start: Users
      - to: ns
        label: Get diagram
      - to: iloUsers
        label: Authenticate user
      - to: ns
      - to: getIlograph
        label: Invoke
      - to: Ilographs
        label: Get metadata
      - to: getIlograph
      - to: Permissions
        label: Get permission
      - to: getIlograph
      - to:
        label: Retrieve content
      - to: getIlograph
      - to: ns
        label: Return diagram
      - to: Users
        label: Return diagram

When rendered, this perspective might look like the above image.

Arrow labels and descriptions

The arrows can be labeled and given descriptions using the label and description properties on each step. Just like with relation perspectives, the label appears above the arrow, while the description appears on mouse-over.

Last updated on 27 Apr 2020
Published on 27 Apr 2020