Subtitles and Descriptions

In addition to a name, resources can optionally define a subtitle and description. They appear under the resource name when the resource is focused (or space otherwise permits).


The resource subtitle is a short descriptor often used to signify the kind of resource. It cannot contain markdown or line breaks.


The resource description appears under the subtitle, and is used to give more information about the resource. It may contain markdown.

Multi-line descriptions

To include line breaks in your description, start your description with |- and a new line like so:

description: |-
  This is a description
  with multiple lines

Multi-line descriptions may contain markdown.

Key-value descriptions

You may also define a description as key-value pairs like so:

  Type: c6g.xlarge
  vCPU: 4
  Memory: 8GB
  Instance ID: i-abcd1234efgh5678

Descriptions defined this way will render as a table. The values may contain markdown (the keys may not). Key-value pairs are inherited (see next article), and inheriting resource may override individual pairs and add new ones.

Last updated on 18 Apr 2021
Published on 18 Apr 2021