Welcome to the Ilograph Architecture Center. Here, you can browse highly detailed system architecture diagrams built with Ilograph. Whether you'd like to learn about system architecture, or need a reference when creating your own Ilograph diagrams, these reference architecture diagrams will help.

A system architecture diagram

Video-On-Demand Processing

This diagram documents a serverless system which ingests, processes, and publishes transcoded media files for on-demand delivery.

AWS Serverless Elemental Lambda SQS SNS DynamoDB Cloudfront S3
October 2023
A system architecture diagram

Physical Datacenter

This is a four-perspective Ilograph diagram of Stack Overflow's system architecture circa 2016-2019. It is adapted with permission from Nick Craver's series of posts on the same topic, particularly part 1 and part 2.

Networking SQL Server http.sys HA Proxy IIS Elastic Search Redis
August 2023
A system architecture diagram

Serverless Back-End on AWS

This Ilograph diagram documents the Ilograph Serverless back-end running on AWS. Learn about request dependencies, DNS, code organization, authentication, and more.

AWS Serverless S3 DynamoDB Lambda SES API Gateway Cognito Cloudfront Route 53
March 2023
A system architecture diagram

Distributed Load Testing

This multiperspective Ilograph diagram documents a distributed load testing system deployed on AWS.

AWS Containers ECS S3 SQS DynamoDB Lambda API Gateway Cognito Cloudfront
October 2022
A system architecture diagram

Rideshare on Azure

This diagram shows the dependencies between resources in an Azure application called RideShare.

Azure Serverless Web App CosmosDB Insights API Event Grid Functions AD
January 2022