The ultimate system diagramming tool

Create and share detailed interactive visual documentation with power, speed, and precision.

Ilograph Features

Explore, Learn, and Onboard

Dynamic zoom

Zoom in to see the fine-grain details of your system — or zoom out to see the big picture.

Instant focus

Select resources to see more about them and their relations to other resources.

Multiple perspectives

Change perspectives to see your system and its resources from different points of view.

Sequence diagram

Sequence flows

Use sequence perspectives to showcase critical data, business, and security flows in exacting detail.


Guide new hires and others with step-by-step tours of your systems, even when you're not there.

Sequence diagram

Rich documentation

Add detailed documentation at every level of your diagrams. Markdown supported.

Create and Update

Relational diagram

Model-based diagrams-as-code

Ilograph's lightweight, model-based approach adds structure, consistency, and reusability to your diagrams.

Relational diagram

Automatic layouts

Save time and effort with Ilograph's beautiful and intuitive automatic layouts.

World-class autocomplete

Ilograph's world-class autocomplete does the heavy lifting for you. Create, maintain, and extend existing diagrams quickly and easily.

Relational diagram

Customizable color schemes

Customize the colors of your diagrams to match your brand.

Relational diagram

Built-in and custom icons

Use your own custom icons or use built-in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Networking icons.

Relational diagram

Diagram imports

Import and extend existing diagrams (or parts thereof) to keep your diagrams modular.

Collaborate and Share

Collaboration and sharing options vary depending on environment

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Icon of people

Work together

Collaborate with others using a Team Workspace, Ilograph Desktop, or Ilograph for Confluence.

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Export to HTML

Export diagrams to 100% self-contained HTML files that can be hosted anywhere.

Available on Ilograph Desktop and Team+ and Enterprise workspaces

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Shared links

Share workspace diagrams with external users via password-protected diagram links.

Available on Enterprise workspaces and Ilograph for Confluence

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Complete history

See the full history of all of your diagrams, including their contents, at any point in time.

Available on all team workspaces and Ilograph for Confluence