Online Workspaces Use Ilograph directly in the browser
Ilograph Free
A personal workspace with
Unlimited personal diagrams
Unlimited diagram size
2 viewers per diagram
14 days of diagram history
Cloud Icons
per month
Ilograph Team
A team workspace with
Unlimited team diagrams
Unlimited diagram size
Unlimited diagram history
Unlimited custom icons
Workspace dashboard
User management
per user/month
or less
Ilograph Enterprise
Organization-wide collaboration
Multiple team workspaces
Shareable diagram links
API access (coming soon)
per user/month
Minimum 25 users
Offline Application
Ilograph Desktop
For offline use
Use Ilograph with local files in a stand-alone desktop application. Store and share your diagrams in any way you see fit. Free trial available.
per month
Bulk discounts available
Frequently asked questions
What's the difference between online team workspaces and Ilograph Desktop?
With an online team workspace, your diagrams are stored in the cloud, and they are viewed and edited directly in the browser. By contrast, Ilograph Desktop is a standalone desktop application that works with local diagram files stored on your hard drive.
Should my team use an online team workspace or Ilograph Desktop?
It depends on how you want to store and collaborate on your diagrams. Online team workspaces make it easy to store and collaborate on your diagrams without any extra infrastructure. By contrast, Ilograph Desktop gives your organization complete control over how your diagrams are stored and shared. For instance, your diagrams could be stored in shared drives, or in source control repositories like GitHub and GitLab.
Do online team workspaces come with any Ilograph Desktop licenses?
No. Teams should generally choose between using an online team workspace or using Ilograph Desktop.
Can I use Ilograph Desktop to generate/export diagrams as part of a CI/CD pipeline?
While Ilograph Desktop has a command-line interface, it is not well-suited for use in CI/CD pipelines. An Ilograph Export API is on the product roadmap.
Can I reach out if I have another question?
Always! Please reach out to us at support@ilograph.com.
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