Ilograph Export API


Export Ilograph diagrams to stand-alone HTML files via API.

Use Ilograph Export API to export Ilograph diagrams from CI/CD workflows.

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Purchase an API Key
$99.99 / month for 750 exports + 10¢ per export after 750
$399.99 / month for 5000 exports + 5¢ per export after 5000

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Using the Ilograph Export API

The Ilograph Export API is accessed using the export-ilograph command-line utility. This utility pre-processes the diagram before sending it to the API for export. It handles retrieving and bundling any imported diagrams, libraries, and/or icons that the exported diagram requires. Follow these steps to install and use the export-ilograph command-line utility.

Step 1: Install Node

The export-ilograph command-line utility uses the Node runtime. Node can be downloaded here or installed via package manager.

Step 2: Install export-ilograph

Once Node is installed, install the export-ilograph command-line utility using the following command:

npm install -g export-ilograph

Step 3: Create a test export (optional)

After the utility is installed, test out the utility by running the following command:


For example, if there is a diagram called myDiagram.ilograph in the current directory, you could run:

export-ilograph ./myDiagram.ilograph ./myDiagram.ilograph.html

to export your diagram to myDiagram.ilograph.html.

Step 4: Export a diagram with a production key

To create a production export, pass your API key to the utility with the -k parameter like so: