Interactive Diagrams
For Web and Desktop
Welcome to the future of diagramming. Ilograph interactive diagrams are the revolutionary new way to share your systems with amazing clarity and detail.
Why engineers use Ilograph
Details Matter Details matter. Show all the relevant details of your systems without the constraints of a traditional diagram.
Systems are not Two-Dimensional Systems are not two-dimensional. Your systems must be viewed from multiple perspectives to be fully understood. Ilograph diagrams make this possible natively.
Change is Inevitable Change is inevitable. Ilograph diagrams are defined exclusively using YAML, so they're easy to create and even easier to maintain.
One Diagram, Many Perspectives
Your systems are complex, and must be understood from many points of view. With Ilograph diagrams, you define your resources once, then show how they're related from many different perspectives. Seamlessly change perspectives to demonstrate cross-functional dependencies and shared responsibilities.
Share Every Detail
Use Ilograph walkthroughs to give a step-by-step explanation of your system from multiple perspectives. Explain the what and the why behind each resource and the relationships between them. Highlight critical design choices and why they were made.
Drop drag-and-drop. Stop tinkering with layouts every time something changes. Ilograph diagrams are defined exclusively using YAML; you define your resources and their relations, Ilograph handles all the layouts. Enjoy the same benefits of infrastructure-as-code with Ilograph diagrams.
Workspaces for Teams
Team workspaces allow your entire organization to browse, view and edit an unlimited number of diagrams. Give everyone a shared understanding of all of your organization's resources and how they interact.
Team workspaces
Ilograph for Desktop
Deploy all of the power of Ilograph while working with local files. Store and share your diagrams in any way you see fit. No internet access required after activation.
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