Ilograph 1.7.6 Release Notes

Ilograph 1.7.6 is now available in all environments (web, desktop, and Confluence Cloud). It includes the following enhancements:

Routed arrows

In one of the biggest layout improvements in Ilograph’s history, arrows will now route around other resources when space permits:

A perspective showing arrows routing around resources

Previously, these arrows would “jump” over resources that were in their way. The result was not always very pleasing, as this comparison demonstrates:

A comparison between the old and new arrow layouts

The number of arrows that are “routed” like this is intentionally limited. If a view has a lot of relations, these routed arrows won’t appear and the curved arrows will be used instead. This limitation is in place to prevent the routed arrows from dominating the view.

Here is a quick demo of the new arrow layouts in action:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed detail controller not useable in certain scenarios (desktop only)

Happy Diagramming! If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me on LinkedIn or by email at

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