Ilograph Architecture Center Now Available

An systemch architecture diagram built with Ilograph

Ilograph is excited to announce the launch of the Ilograph Architecture Center.

The Ilograph Architecture Center is the central location to find highly-detailed system architecture diagrams built with Ilograph. It is an excellent recource for those looking to learn about system design and architecture by example. Available diagrams include those featuring AWS, Azure, and on-premise resources.

The Ilograph Architecture Center is also an excellent resource when creating your own Ilograph diagrams. Want to learn about sequence diagrams? The Video-On-Demand architecture features three sequence perspectives. Need examples of multi-reference-matching? Check out the Stack Overflow Architecture.

Check out the diagrams and let us know what you think! Lastly, if you have a diagram you’d like featured, please submit your diagram using the form at the bottom of the Architecture Center page. We will reach out to confirm before it is posted.

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