Ilograph Fall Update

Hi everyone,

Here’s what’s new this Fall for Ilograph. I’d like to start by again thanking everyone for their amazing feedback and suggestions; your feedback helps me know exactly what features to prioritize. In fact, all of the improvements mentioned below were explicitly recommended by you! Here is what’s new and what’s next for Ilograph:

What’s new

GitHub Integration

Ilograph is now fully integrated with GitHub! Use your existing GitHub repos to store and share your Ilograph diagrams. When using Ilograph with GitHub, your diagrams remain fully in your control. To use Ilograph with GitHub, click the “Sign in with GitHub” button (in black) on the sign-in dialog:

Extended Perspectives

Ever found yourself copying an entire perspective, only to make a small change or addition? With new extended perspectives, this duplication can be eliminated. Simply use the new extends keyword to specify a previously-declared perspective and your new perspective will inherit all properties and relations of the extended perspective.

Printing and Print-to-PDF fixes

Ilograph now has improved support for printing and creating PDFs of diagrams using your browser’s native Print functionality. Printing works best with Firefox and Chrome; other browsers have not been tested.

Bachelor resources

When defining relations in perspectives, the to field is now no longer required. This allows you to define “bachelor” resources in perspectives; these are resources that appear in the perspective but are not joined to other resources. This can be used to add important context to your perspectives, like in this example showing the virtual machines running in a physical machine:

Other improvements and fixes

As always, Ilograph has seen numerous small improvements and bug fixes as I continue to iterate on the product.

What’s next

While I continue to make improvements to the core functionality of Ilograph, my priority over the coming months will be making Ilograph better for teams. Currently planned team-focused improvements include:

December 2019

– Sharing functionality, namely inviting others to view private diagrams

Q1 2020 (and beyond)

– Diagram version history
– Collaboration, specifically allowing multiple users to safely edit a diagram
– Branch support for GitHub
– Integration with other file hosting services such as OneDrive, Dropbox and others (suggestions welcome)
– Ilograph Desktop version
– Improved in-app documentation, per-resource notes, ring diagrams, sequence diagrams, arrow colors and more

Have something you’d like to see added that would help you and your team? Let me know at or @ilographs on twitter.