Ilograph 1.6.4 Release Notes

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Ilograph 1.6.4 is a major new release now available in all environments (web, desktop, and Confluence Cloud). It includes the following enhancements:


Ilograph diagram authors can now define contexts. Contexts allow users to dynamically change the “background” resources in a diagram, revealing important new contextual information:

Accounts, regions, services, and security groups are just a few example use cases. Click here to view a sample Ilograph diagram with contexts. Diagram authors can learn more about defining contexts in the Ilograph documentation. A longer article about contexts and why they were added is coming soon.

Parent-child releations

Previously, arrows between parents and children were not drawn in relation perspectives. Now, they will be drawn with little loops like so:

Steps between parents and children are also now rendered in sequence perspectives:

An Ilograph diagram sequence perspective

Other improvements

  • The detail controller has been visually redesigned to match the new context controller.
  • In the editor, the autocomplete window will now appear after typing a comma (,) in appropriate places.
  • Error reporting has been improved in the editor.
  • Arrows should now overlap less often.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed font issue in Firefox and Safari
  • Fixed resource control icon positions in mobile/embedded
  • Fixed app window sized not remembered in desktop
  • Fixed layout issue when overriding parents

Happy Diagramming! If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me on LinkedIn or by email at

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