Ilograph 1.6.8 Release Notes

Ilograph 1.6.8 is now available in all environments (web, desktop, and Confluence Cloud). It includes the following enhancements:

Pinned resources

Ilograph diagram viewers can now pin resources while browsing diagrams. When a resource is pinned, only resources that are related to it will be visible; unrelated resources will be hidden. Viewers can then go on to select resources to further focus on what resources they’re interested in exploring. In the view below, the resource S3 (in green, on the right) is pinned:

Pinning resources is a handy way to explore large, complicated perspectives. Note that multiple resources can be pinned at once. To pin a resource, first select it, then click the push-pin icon in the top-right.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed resource renaming not working in certain scenarios
  • Fixed switching contexts not working in certain scenarios
  • Fixed back/forward not working with context changes (Desktop only)
  • Minor rendering adjustments

Happy Diagramming! If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me on LinkedIn or by email at

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