Ilograph Summer Update

Big news: the Ilograph private beta begins soon! Sign up at the bottom the homepage if you haven’t already. It’s been a lot of work to get here, but I’m excited to get Ilograph into your hands. Ilograph gives you the power to create diagrams unlike any before, and I eagerly look forward to seeing what everyone can do. Here are more details on what’s new since the last update:

What’s new

Most importantly, Ilograph now has an integrated editor!

The editor lets you edit an Ilograph diagram in real time. Ilograph diagrams are created using the Ilograph diagramming language (IDL). The IDL is explained and documented in a series of posts on this very blog:

IDL Part 1: Resources and Perspectives

IDL Part 2: The IDL Specification

IDL Part 3: The Resource Tree

IDL Part 4: Perspective overrides

If you’d like to see IDL in action, check out one of the sample ilographs and click the black “Source” button on the left side of the app:

More advanced features (resource inheritance, splitting, and aliases) will be covered in future posts.

Other parts of the UI have also been updated. Notably, all of the perspectives in an Ilograph can now be accessed via one click from the new perspective tray at the bottom of the app:

When will I receive my invite?

Your invite should arrive in your inbox in the coming weeks. I’ll be sending out invites gradually in order to gather feedback and drive out issues. If you’d like to be moved to the front of the queue, please reach out to me at @ilographs on Twitter or at if you haven’t already.