Winter 2020 Update

Ilograph has had a busy winter. A host of key features has landed (more below), and Ilograph saw a large uptick in adoption and use. Also, Ilograph remains on track to see full collaboration support land in Q1. If you haven’t visited your Ilograph diagram(s) in a while, be sure to visit the app and see the improvements for yourself.

What’s New

Full Documentation

Ilograph now has full, dedicated documentation for both browsing and editing Ilograph diagrams. If you’ve ever wanted to know the details behind resource inheritance, perspective walkthroughs, referencing resources and other topics, the Ilograph docs have you covered.

Diagram History

You can now browse the history of your Ilograph diagrams. See what changed when, and go back and view your diagrams at different points in time. To view, click the “History” button in the top-right of the app. History is currently available only to diagram owners using standard (non-GitHub) accounts.

Share Private Diagrams

You can now invite others to view your private diagrams. To do so, click the “Privacy, sharing, and collaboration” button in the top-right of the app. You can currently add up to three viewers per diagram.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is now available when viewing Ilograph diagrams on desktop. Simply click the “Toggle dark mode” button in the (where else?) top-right of the app to turn dark mode on and off.

Bug Fixes

As always, Ilograph has seen numerous other improvements and bug fixes as the product continues to iterate.

What’s Next

The focus of Q1 remains on making Ilograph better for collaborative teams. To that end, adding collaborators and merging and syncing diagrams are at the top of the “to-do” list. An Ilograph desktop client is also in the planning stages. Longer term, I hope to add more integrations with 3rd-party services and sequence diagrams.

If you’d like an early preview of advanced collaboration features, or just want to say “hello”, please reach out to me at or @ilographs on Twitter.