Resource icons are specified using the icon property on a resource. This property is a string, and it can be used to define icons from different sources depending on the Ilograph environment (Web vs. Desktop). Image support is browser-dependant, but Ilograph recognizes the following as valid image extensions: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, svg, webp, apng, and avif.

Cloud icons

All Environments - These are built-in icons that are always available in all environments. Ilograph currently comes with AWS, Azure and GCP icons. See the current list of icons here. It is possible to search for cloud icons using the Ilograph editors autocomplete functionality.


icon: AWS/Compute/EC2.svg

Desktop and Team Workspaces only - Icons specified with https:// or http:// will show the specified image, if it is available.


icon: https://www.ilograph.com/img/icon.png

Relative paths

Desktop only - When on desktop, icons can be specified using a path relative to the saved .ilograph file. Use the forward-slash (/) to delimit directories, even when on Windows. When working with a diagram that has not been saved yet, relative path-defined icons are unavailable.


icon: icons/company.png

Uploaded icons (coming soon)

Web only - Users will be able to upload and use custom icons.


icon: myIcon.png

Last updated on 4 Apr 2021
Published on 4 Apr 2021