Parent Overrides

Note: Parent overrides is a legacy mechanism to change resource context nodes on a per-perspective basis. It is generally preferred to define top-level contexts instead.

In an Ilograph diagram, the resource tree not only helps organize resources, but it enables context nodes in perspectives:

Ilograph diagram showing resources inside a parent resource

When contexts aren’t defined, all resources will always have the same context nodes in every perspective. We can, however, override this on a per-perspective basis using perspective overrides.

By defining parent overrides in a perspective, we can give resources new parents for that perspective:

- name: WonderApp
  color: navy
  defaultArrowLabel: Requests
    - resourceId: Load Balancer
      parentId: LB Security Group
    - resourceId: Alpha, Bravo
      parentId: Instance Security Group

In this perspective, Load Balancer will rendered inside of LB Security Group, and Alpha, Bravo will be rendered inside of Instance Security Group.