Ilograph for Confluence Cloud

Ilograph is available as an app for Confluence Cloud. It is fully standalone; your diagrams are accessed from (and stored entirely within) your Confluence Cloud instance. You will not need to install Ilograph Desktop or have an Ilograph account.

Installing Ilograph for Confluence Cloud

Click here to visit the app in the Atlassian Marketplace. From there, click Try it free to install. Your installation comes with a free 30-day trial.

Ilograph for Conflunce Cloud page in the Atlassian Marketplace

Once installed, Ilograph for Confluence Cloud can be accessed from the “Apps” menu:

Opening Ilograph for Conflunce Cloud from the Apps menu

Creating and publishing a diagram

To create a new diagram, open Ilograph, select a space, and click Create diagram:

Creating an Ilograph diagram in Conflunce Cloud

Your diagram is created and ready to edit. For more information about editing diagrams, see Creating Your First Ilograph Diagram.

When you’re ready to publish, click the Publish button:

Publishing an Ilograph diagram in Conflunce Cloud

Your diagram will then appear in the diagram list for the current space:

Ilograph diagram list in Conflunce Cloud

Embedding an Ilograph diagram in a page

An Ilograph Diagram embedded in a Confluence Cloud page

Ilograph diagrams can be embedded in Confluence Cloud pages. To start, visit the page you’d like to embed a diagram into, and select the “edit” icon in the top-right of the page:

Editing a Conflunce Cloud page

In the location you’d like the diagram to appear, begin a new line with /ilo. A pop-up offering the “Embedded Ilograph Diagram” macro should appear:

Bringing up the Embedded Ilograph Diagram macro

Select the macro, and you will be asked to select a diagram to embed:

Selecting an Ilograph Diagram to embed

After selecting a diagram to embed, you will have a chance to configure its initial state. This is the state the diagram starts in when the page is loaded by a user. You can choose the perspective, focus on resources, toggle the notes, and adjust the level of detail. If a perspective has a walkthrough, you can also choose a specfic initial walkthrough step.

When ready, click the Insert button to insert the diagram:

Inserting an Ilograph Diagram in a Confluence Cloud page

After you’ve inserted the diagram, don’t forget to publish the page using the Publish button:

Publishing a Confluence Cloud page

Your diagram should now be embedded in the page:

An Ilograph Diagram embedded in a Confluence Cloud page