Other Properties

Perspectives include a number of notable properties that control their behavior and appearance. For a description of all perspective properties, see the Ilograph spec.

Controlling perspective context

What additional context, if any, is shown in a perspective can be controlled by specifying the additionalContext property on a perspective. Accepted values are:

  • super-only (default): Show only additional ancestor resources in the perspective.
  • all: Show all additional context in the perspective.
  • none: Don’t show any additional context in the perspective. The perspective will appear very flat.
  • sub-only: Show only additional descendant resources in the perspective.

Unwrapping context

How context resources affect the layout of relation perspectives can be controlled by the unwrapContext property. If false (the default) resources will always be grouped inside their parent resource, even if that causes relation arrows to appear backward. If true, then context resources may be ommitted from the diagram to ensure that relation arrows always flow in the same direction.

Extending perspectives

A perspective can extend one or more previously-defined perspectives by specifying the extended perspective(s) in its extends property. The extending perspective will inherit all properties and relations of the extended perspective(s). When specifying multiple perspectives to extend, they are applied in the order they are specified. Values from perspectives listed later take precedence.

Hiding perspectives

Perspectives can be hidden in the perspective tray by setting their hidden property to true.