The Ilograph CLI and Export API

The Ilograph CLI

Ilograph Desktop includes a command-line-interface (CLI) to export interactive diagrams to standalone HTML files. To use, invoke the Ilograph Desktop executable using a terminal:

./Ilograph\ Desktop ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph --output ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph.html

In the preceding example, the diagram file ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph is exported to the standalone html file ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph.html.

By default, all perspectives are exported. To export specfic perspective(s), use the --perspectives switch:

./Ilograph\ Desktop ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph --output ~/Documents/MyDiagram.ilograph.html --perspectives Code,Region

Use --help for additional help.

The Ilograph Export API

The Ilograph Export API is used to export diagrams created with Ilograph Desktop to standalone HTML files. It is ideal for exporting diagrams as part of CI/CD workflows. Click here for more information about using the Ilograph Export API.